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About Us

Pro Marine Technology was established in 1994 to bring the first professional commercial diving contractor to Guam - a U.S. Territory - and has continued to be the leading provider of marine construction, underwater ship repair and commercial diving services in the Western Pacific region.
Pro Marine Technology is a Guam based Corporation and can immediately execute diversified underwater services to near-by regions including:
Northern Mariana Islands
Republic of Belau (Palau)
Federated States of Micronesia
Wake Island
Marshall Islands

In addition to the above near-by regions, our unique “turn-key” containerized diving systems makes Pro Marine Technology capable of providing underwater services virtually world-wide.

Our innovative solutions and rapid response capabilities have made us the first choice for our client’s underwater needs. For over 15 years, the U.S. Navy, major shipping companies, civilian and military contractors and both local and federal government agencies have relied on Pro Marine Technology for a wide range of marine and commercial diving services.

With commitment and accountability to each project we undertake, Pro Marine Technology finds the most practical and cost-effective solutions to the ever-changing challenges of the harsh marine environment. Performance-driven attitudes make Pro Marine Technology the preferred partner to complete complex projects on time, within budget, safely and at the highest level of quality.

Pro Marine Technology specializes in four primary industry fields:

Marine Construction
Ship Husbandry (Repairs)
Other Associated Services
Complete Deep Air and Mixed Gas Diving Systems

Our extensive and diverse project work history allows us to develop an experience-based operational approach for all our jobs. Pro Marine Technology continues to consistently strive to achieve client satisfaction by exceeding their expectations. We employ good business practices meeting applicable regulatory and industry-based requirements and efficiently execute projects in accordance with professional standards and ethics.

Safety and Quality Assurance is the essential core of Pro Marine Technology. We take pride in accomplishing the variety of marine projects with a high regard to the quality of work, overall safety and to the preservation of the marine environment.
Pro Marine Technology does not compromise the safety of our crew members, our client, or any other personnel that may be involved in the projects that we undertake. We support and implement a zero tolerance policy for unsafe work practices in all levels of the job.

In maintaining the highest of safety standards, we have developed, maintain, review, update and strictly follow our company's comprehensive Safe Practices Manual and our job-specific Dive Plans.

Quality Assurance
Pro Marine Technology is committed to superior performance with optimum end results.

We are totally focused on providing our clients with a successful project each time. We continuously find ways to improve and upgrade our operations, our equipment, and our tools. We maintain high ethical standards with our clients, our employees, and our suppliers.

Our management team carefully develops the job-specific operational plans to meet the quality goals established for each project and ensures that these plans are carried out by every member of our team.

Pro Marine Technology is a fully insured company including U.S. Longshore & Harbor Workers (USL&H) coverage.

Pro Marine Technology's Dive Team members are all TWIC Certified